Hire the experience that brings you success


In my 27 years of experience in the software field, I’ve met a lot of developers, young and old. And the one thing that separated the truly great ones from the crowd is passion. I believe that my passion for software is the reason I've been so successful. Most of the time in my career, I have not been developing software for my own benefit. Whether it’s code that creates a financial report or a video game, I try to remember that the quality and innovation of the work I do can directly affect the happiness of other people. Programming is my life's work. I'd never compromise on it and I'd always sacrifice a weekend for it. When I am truly pioneering development I know can change the world.

Mobile Applications

Users love the convenience of portable information, portable tools, and portable fun in the palm of their hands. Whether it’s a mobile app that allows you to geolocate, send a payment, or conduct a complex operation, I will ensure that functionality is met with top of the line usability.

Web Applications

A website gives information. A web application solves a problem efficiently. Designing a web application involves taking your challenge and creating something innovative and efficient. I can make those great ideas a concrete reality.

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise systems are sophisticated web applications that prioritize security, scalability, and data protection. Designing an enterprise system requires taking your challenge and creating a system that integrates and accounts for all of its interrelated aspects.

Technology Stacks

I can consult, recommend and implement best in class tech stacks. Architecting your tech stack allows your company to have a complete plan to support all of your future products and applications.


The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your brand and your product. The journey starts with understanding the needs of your users and your business goals, and ends with marrying the two into an ideal experience that makes everyone happy.

Development Tools

I believe in the right tool for the right job. And if the right tool doesn’t exist, i'll build it. Over the years I have added many such tools to my toolbox, and I use them every day to help build better applications faster. But every now and then I make a tool that I think is good enough to share.